Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the best equipment, knowledge, and expertise to help our clients streamline their waste/recycle/compost handling while providing them an extraordinary return on investment. Our passion is creating the business/environment win-win. Our common-sense, sustainable approach reduces negative impacts on the environment, simultaneously improving our clients’ operations and profitability. Our pledge to our clients is that we will stand behind every installation and program we develop. We professionally maintain, train, and problem-solve with focus on both our customer and mother earth.

About Bay Area Trash Compactor

Founded in 1985, Bay Area Trash Compactor’s genesis was a college business plan to reduce commercial solid waste. Thirty years later, we have supplied sustainability expertise and hundreds of trash compactors, cardboard balers, and recycling equipment to everyone from McDonald’s and Starwood Resorts to Kaiser Hospitals and Safeway, each customer saving $10,000’s annually through our common-sense approach. 

  • Yes, we partner with many waste management consulting firms to provide the right equipment for their clients
  • Yes, we consult and provide valuable sustainability insight
  • Yes, we provide the best waste management, recycling, and building restoration equipment available
  • Yes, we stand behind every project we undertake and will provide a refund if you do not find value as we have prescribed.

Of course, we continue to grow and learn. We have added new green products proven useful to our customers including the amazing Tornado ACS “Graffiti Vacuum” and our new deodorizing and sanitation systems from Ecolo. Additionally, we’re always expanding our product offerings with the right solutions from the right manufacturers.