When visitors attend a club or spa, they expect a pristine environment that lends itself to the perfect week of tranquility and relaxation. Noisy garbage trucks and overflowing trash receptacles don't just interrupt the customer experience - they waste labor and add to your trash bill. Consider the amount of waste spas and clubs produce, from plastic packaging and empty product containers to disposable flip flops! The solution to effectively managing this waste is simple. Our trash compactors, recycling balers, organics composters, and automated deodorizers make it easy for clubs and spas to reduce space needed to store waste, lower carbon emissions, cut down trash pickup frequency, and slash the trash bill by tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Claremont Club and Spa – Oakland, CA

Claremont Club & Spa, A Fairmont Hotel Saves Over $26,000 Per Year

Claremont Club & Spa, A Fairmont Hotel is a California landmark and one of America’s iconic luxury hotels.

With our sustainability and equipment expertise, we saved them over $26,000 per year. The Claremont initially came to us with a back-of-house noise issue with garbage trucks creating loud disturbances to guests early in the mornings.

To solve this issue and enhance their guests’ experiences, we conducted a sustainability review and provided them with the right equipment to meet their operation goals.  With one of our Bramidan next generation B-5 cardboard balers, we streamlined their recycling process.

Additionally, we coordinated with a local recycler to better manage their recycling than the original hauler could. With one of our P-4 compactors, we eliminated their overflowing, unsightly waste, further raising their guests’ experiences with the hotel environment.

Claremont Feature

Bardessono Hotel and Spa

“The fact that Bay Area Trash Compactor and their partners at Harmony Enterprises have developed these systems to operate off-the-grid, simply take us to the next level in sustainability.” Bardessono Hotel & Spa opened in February 2009 with 62 guest rooms in Yountville, California, the heart of the Napa Valley. The hotel boasts Lucy Restaurant…



35 - 75% on Average.

Emissions Savings

60 - 80% Savings Per Month