The Many Benefits of Using a Cardboard Baler

The Many Benefits of Using a Cardboard Baler

For many years, cardboard boxes have been used to transport large and small items throughout the world. In today’s society, where we have become more and more accustomed to e-commerce, millions of cardboard boxes are delivered to homes and businesses every day. But what becomes of all that waste? Some people will flatten and stack it in a room, garage, or warehouse where it sits for decades, while others simply throw it away in the regular trash. Sadly, some boxes even wind up as litter and debris in our streets. As a result, cardboard boxes are a major waste nuisance. A reputable solid waste management company like Bay Area Trash Compactor is a good source for you to properly dispose of cardboard waste the right way using a cardboard baler. Read on to learn what a cardboard baler is, how it is used, and how it is the most ethical, sustainable way for your business to reduce cardboard waste.

Cardboard: A Waste of Space

Cardboard, especially in the form of cardboard boxes, is usually disposed of as garbage and goes into landfills, where cardboard waste is difficult to recycle because cardboard boxes tend to shed debris into the surrounding environment. Solid waste management facilities are the places where cardboard boxes and cardboard go when a cardboard box has reached its end of life. However, the accumulation of cardboard at solid waste management facilities is not sustainable because cardboard takes up space that could be used for other purposes. In addition, all of that paper is a hazard for fires and can even attract hazardous mold if it becomes wet. Therefore, keeping used cardboard around is not doing anyone any favors.

As a result of space limitations, cardboard waste needs to be recycled or reused so that it does not go into landfills. But one might wonder how cardboard can be recycled the proper way. The truth is, cardboard is made from wood pulp that can be recycled again and again, and cardboard balers are the key to cardboard recycling. Cardboard baling machinery is used so that the cardboard itself goes back into production to become new cardboard boxes. Cardboard balers are being and can be used in businesses, factories, and homes.

What is a Cardboard Baler?

A cardboard baler is a machine that compresses cardboard down into cardboard bales. It is made up of two different sized rollers; one smaller one inside and one larger, and a cardboard grinding wheel on the outside. The cardboard waste is fed into the cardboard baler through a tube or funnel. A cardboard baler can be up to four feet high with a feed opening of about three inches wide which means that large cardboard boxes will fit in easily. The baling process molds the carboard into bales, which are solid blocks that are flattened and condensed down. Think of them like bales of hay; it is the same exact concept with a cardboard baler.

Baled waste has a much lower volume compared to loose materials of the same type. This alone makes it easier to store and transport. These cardboard bales are then transported to cardboard baling companies so that cardboard can be reused and recycled within the cardboard manufacturing industry. Cardboard bales can also be transported directly to cardboard manufacturers, who use the cardboard in production and transportation of new cardboard boxes.

Why Do You Need a Cardboard Baler?

Less Debris

For cardboard recycling to be an effective way of dealing with cardboard waste, cardboard needs to be compressed into small bales which will result in significant space savings both in your attic and in landfill sites. Creating cardboard bales is a way to reuse cardboard that would have otherwise been left as trash sitting at solid waste management facilities. Cardboard baling machinery is also saving the planet from being exposed to harmful toxins that we have been dealing with for years. There is no more effective way to recycle our solid waste and help the environment than by using a cardboard baler.

It’s Environmental

A cardboard baling company that uses recycled material and prints half as much paper will need only half as many trees to produce its yearly output, which means less deforestation of our ever-shrinking wilderness, less water pollution from massive bleach and chemical water runoff to clean the paper, and less energy used for transportation. It is a win-win situation. The waste becomes less of a problem as it takes up less space, the wilderness is saved, and our environment stays cleaner. The fact that you could potentially save the world has to be reason good enough.

Saves Space

Cardboard balers are much more effective than loose storage as they can compress the waste in order to reduce their volume. As a result of this, cardboard box balers require much less space to store, and can be transported with far less fuel needed than if they were loose. This is all due to the fact that a baler compresses garbage into rectangular solid blocks called bales which, after transportation, are properly stored either in or near the recycling facility. The transportation of the cardboard card board baler is great for the environment as it requires fuel to transport, but very little of it thanks to the reduced volume, and is much easier because there are no concerns about how the pallets will be handled.

A Smart Investment for Your Business

A cardboard baler is not only good for the environment, it is also a smart investment. The fact that you can save money on transport fuel alone is a huge benefit to your business. It will also help you to avoid any hazards or lawsuits should the cardboard debris fuel a fire or become a toxin in the workplace. In addition, you can advertise that your business is green if you use a cardboard baler to get rid of debris.

We Can Help

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