Solid waste management

BATC is the future of solid waste management. We offer a complete service that includes waste collection, recycling, composting, and more.

solid waste management


Solid waste management is a system for handling solid wastes such as garbage and household or business junk that needs to be collected and disposed of properly. It involves collecting, storing, transporting (often via trucks), processing (within a facility such as a landfill), and disposing of solid waste.

The process of solid waste management starts at the point of generation. Households, businesses, and communities generate waste. Waste is then collected by a waste-collection service and transported to a processing station. The station serves as a sorting center to divide the various trash into different containers for removal from the city limits to their respective destinations. In some areas, transfer stations play another important role in recycling. These facilities recycle material such as glass bottles and aluminum cans that normally end up in landfills if not recycled first.

Solid waste management is important for our planet and will only become more critical as time goes on. The primary task of this solid waste management service is to keep the community clean and safe by collecting all the garbage from homes and businesses. Solid waste management reduces the need for landfills, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and creates jobs.

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