small trash compactors

What are Smart Malls, Parks, and Universities Using to Control Public Trash?

By BATC | January 15, 2022

Public spaces like malls, parks, and quads can become a mess when waste receptacles are overflowing, or visitors simply toss their trash on the ground instead of in the trash bin. To combat this, small trash compactors are an ideal option for these areas. Trash compactors maximize capacity and eliminate overflowing cans by compacting waste…

commercial trash compactors

How Commercial Trash Compactors Improve Sanitation

By BATC | December 15, 2021

Commercial trash compactors are one of the best investments your business can make. Not only do they reduce the overall volume of waste, but they also improve sanitation and make it easier to maintain a clean environment. Check out our award-winning compactors and balers!

composting law

New Composting Law SB 1383 Begins January 2022

By BATC | December 8, 2021

Reminder to California restaurant owners, hotels, schools, healthcare facilities, and the like: The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) has passed a new regulation regarding composting food waste. If your organization generates food waste, you are expected to implement these regulations beginning in January of 2022 — but don’t worry, Bay Area Trash…

modern waste management

Waste Experts’ Take on Modern Waste Management Techniques

By BATC | November 15, 2021

Our waste experts at Bay Area Trash Compactor are always searching for new innovative ways to deal with waste efficiently and effectively. With the rise of smart technology, waste management has become a rapidly evolving industry centered around reducing the environmental impact of the waste we are producing. In this article, we’ll take you through…

Best Deodorizers

Best Deodorizers For Your Solid Waste Management Plan

By BATC | October 15, 2021

Don’t turn your nose up at a solid waste management plan – especially one that prioritizes odor control. The best deodorizers and disinfectants efficiently control odors and microbes to provide long-lasting results. If your company deals with large amounts of waste, you are likely acquainted with holding your breath while speed-walking past the smelly disposal…

overflowing trash cans

Could This Be the Answer to Overflowing Trash Cans in South Lake Tahoe?

By BATC | October 11, 2021

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, California The city of South Lake Tahoe has an issue with overflowing trash cans. The city is now exploring the idea of using solar-powered trash compactors to take care of the garbage. If you’re looking for the best-quality trash receptacles on the market for your business, look no further than Overflowing Trash…

cardboard baler

The Many Benefits of Using a Cardboard Baler

By BATC | September 12, 2021

For many years, cardboard boxes have been used to transport large and small items throughout the world. In today’s society, where we have become more and more accustomed to e-commerce, millions of cardboard boxes are delivered to homes and businesses every day. But what becomes of all that waste? Some people will flatten and stack…

Commercial Trash Compactor

Who Needs Commercial Trash Compactor?

By BATC | August 12, 2021

When you’re in the process of figuring out a solid waste management solution for your business, you may come across a certain piece of equipment. This is a trash compactor. A commercial trash compactor is an ecologically friendly piece of the puzzle when it comes to managing your solid waste. There are many kinds of…

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How to Streamline Your Waste Handling

By BATC | July 12, 2021

At Bay Area Trash Compactor, our team members are proven waste experts. After all, we have been the market leader since 1985, guiding and serving our clients in waste management solutions for over 35 years.  We understand the entire lifecycle of waste, recycled materials, and composted materials. From manufacture to use, to end of life…

Commercial Food composter, Top Benefits of a Commercial Food Composter

Top Benefits of a Commercial Food Composter

By BATC | June 14, 2021

If your business creates a lot of organic waste, you might be looking for ways to minimize the volume and cut down on costs. One of the best ways to accomplish this—according to waste experts, is with a commercial food composter. But before you make up your mind, let’s explore some of the top benefits…