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Top Benefits of a Commercial Food Composter

By BATC | June 14, 2021

If your business creates a lot of organic waste, you might be looking for ways to minimize the volume and cut down on costs. One of the best ways to accomplish this—according to waste experts, is with a food composter. But before you make up your mind, let’s explore some of the top benefits of…


Impact of a Baler on Your Waste Management Needs

By BATC | April 15, 2021

Are you considering investing in a baler for your company’s waste management needs? While running a business can generate  a lot of garbage, using a baler trash compactor or a can help reduce the volume of waste and can simplify waste diversion. Keep reading to learn more about how a baler can improve the efficiency…

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7 Most Common Repair Needs For a Trash Compactor

By BATC | March 15, 2021

For any business that generates a sizable amount of waste or recyclable materials, a trash compactor can help you save money. After all, less material means lower collection and transportation costs, right? But your commercial compactor is a hard-working, complex piece of equipment that needs regular maintenance. So, what happens when you need a trash…


Happy Earth Day!

By BATC | April 22, 2019

Happy Earth Day! Today and every day it’s important to do everything we can to help out ol’ Mother Earth! Partnering with BATC is a great way to help reduce your impact on the environment by reducing waste volume and your carbon footprint. Bonus? You’ll save money too!


P200 Vertical Compactor Top Money-Saving Product of 2019

By BATC | April 2, 2019

  P200 Vertical Compactor Named Top Money-Saving Product of 2019 Buildings Magazine named our P200 Vertical Compactor one of the top eight money-saving products of 2019! These solar powered trash compactors manage waste while reducing a company’s carbon footprint. Trash is compacted up to 6:1, reducing pickups by 66-85 percent. This translates to a hauling…