Sustainability Consulting

Let us support your sustainability goals. Our team’s approach will provide you with the data, insight, and options to make your zero-waste and waste diversion program initiatives a reality. We have the experience to manage:

Waste Audits and waste stream characterization

Operational workflow analysis

Material handling options

Bill Analysis and Management

Open/closed loop recycling programs

Waste to Energy options

Our whole-view approach starts from the trash corral and can flow upstream through your organization all the way to purchasing should you choose.

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Waste & Recycling Programs

Tired of overflowing trash bins, limited recycling/diversion success and overpriced trash bills? 

Bay Area Trash Compactor is your outsourced partner to manage your solid waste and recyclables challenges. With over 30 years in the waste handling and waste diversion business, we know how the game works - from setting up an in-house recycling program and supporting its implementation, to providing the right equipment and managing reliable material removal. We can even manage your trash bills and waste audits for you!

We support Office Towers, Hotels, Hospitals, Universities and Apartment and Condominium communities. We can provide on-site porters, recycling training, waste diversion implementation and the right equipment to get the job done--all for a cost equal to, or less than, what you are paying right now.

CA Code Compliance

Are you compliant with the current recycling and composting laws? California AB 341 and SB 1018 require all California businesses and landlords who generate more than 4 yards of trash per week to recycle. AB 1826 Chesbro requires businesses and multi-family dwellings with five or more units to recycle their organic waste.

Bay Area Trash Compactor has the expertise, recycling equipment, relationships with local recyclers, and compliance monitoring tools to insure that you are compliant at each of your sites.

Learn about the impact of the new SB 1383 composting law requirements by clicking here or contacting us.

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