How Commercial Trash Compactors Improve Sanitation

How Commercial Trash Compactors Improve Sanitation

Commercial trash compactors are one of the best investments your business can make. Not only do they reduce the overall volume of waste and slash your garbage bill by 35%-75%, but they also improve sanitation and make it easier to maintain a clean environment. No more overflowing dumpsters, pests, odors, and casual dumping…Our compactors, large and small, will improve your operation, guaranteed.

Compactors further improve sanitation by making it easy for staff to put the trash away. That’s right. Instead of dropping the bag on the floor near the back door, 15-35 bags can be deposited into one of our indoor compactors. The compactor makes an easy-to-handle trash cube sealed in plastic (or compostable bag) that is ready to be deposited into the dumpster using our foot-pedal trash lift. Similarly, with a compactor in the trash corral, it is easy for employees to simply open the door and deposit the trash into the compactor. No more trip hazards, or leaking bags on the floor…the compactor simply eats up, crushes, and contains whatever is placed inside.  

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Eliminate Odors and Pests with Glacier Ozone Generator

Experts recognize ozone as “a potent antimicrobial agent” that not only kills bacteria that cause odor but also eradicates fungi, viruses, and even parasites. Insects like roaches and ants use trails to find their way. Ozone oxidizes those trails, thereby confusing the pests and sending them on their way. Our Indoor Power Packer compactors come with an Ozone Generator built-in. Many of our Corral compactor and Roll-off compactor customers have added our simple Glacier Ozone systems to their units – virtually eliminating pests and odors from the working area.

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Why Invest in a Commercial Trash Compactor?

Investing in a Commercial Trash Compactor is a smart decision. Most installations will slash garbage costs 35%-75%. If you buy it most systems have a return on investment of under 24 months. If you lease it, most installations generate instant positive cash flow. Of course, you can also sign up for a Turn-key compactor rental gaining instant positive cash flow and peace of mind knowing that all maintenance is covered for the entire rental term.

Beyond simple finance, compactors streamline your operation. Commercial compactors will help you save space, reduce labor costs, help secure the back door, limit pilferage, eliminate odors and pests while improving the appearance of your facility – to your employees and your guests.  

Do compactors help the environment? Absolutely. With compaction up to 10:1 compactors reduce volume going to landfill – thus extending landfill life. Compactors can be used for waste diversion – compacting high volume material, thus allowing compost or recyclables to be handled separately. Further, by reducing garbage truck trips from 7 days per week to just one day per week, polluting carbon emissions are reduced by 600%, not to mention there is a reduction of garbage truck noise pollution and driveway wear and tear. 

Eliminate “Overage Charges” From Garbage Company While Improving  Sanitation

Have you been charged an “overage fee” because trash went beyond the lip of your dumpster? Commercial trash compactors can eliminate that fee because your material is compacted below the lip line and covered, or packed into a sealed container. By virtue of being densely packed into a container, the compactor limits exposure of the waste to the elements and pests. Now your trash corral is clean and tidy. The compactor also helps eliminate snow or rainwater contamination of the trash entering into an open dumpster and potentially down the storm drain.   

Indoor Sanitation

Indoor commercial trash compactors eliminate the need to pile up bags at the back door. Simply place the material into the compactor. Our eCubes and V95 compactors pack waste and recyclables right into a wheeled toter can. Our indoor Power Packers compact 15-35 bags into an easy-to-handle cube that is sealed in plastic or organic bags for simple transport outside. These systems eliminate liquid leakage and the tracking of a sticky mess outside.

Pest Management

Nobody loves unattended waste more than insects, rodents, and pests. If waste is dealt with improperly, then pests and vermin will be attracted to the area and can spread disease. By investing in the right commercial trash compactor, you eliminate unattended waste and increase sanitation while protecting your employees from injuries. If you have outdoor dumpsters that are exposed to the elements for any length of time, you will likely attract unwanted insects, birds, and rodents which can become more than just an annoyance. Again, using a commercial compactor to compact the waste into a container will greatly improve pest control and odor management. One can improve the odor and pest management even more by incorporating the Glacier Ozone Generator into the compaction system. 

To summarize, trash compactors can improve sanitation by: 

  • Reducing the overall volume of waste by up to 300%-800%
  • Reducing loose bags and clutter surrounding the trash/recycling area
  • Increasing the amount of workspace inside and out, improving sanitation
  • Keeping waste from getting tracked indoors or outdoors and sitting in the rain or snow 
  • Keeping critters, vermin, and insects away from dumpsters 

Regular Maintenance

Have an old compactor that needs some love? Like any piece of equipment, trash compactors need regular maintenance to keep performing optimally. Bay Area Trash Compactor has three levels of Maintenance Agreements to ensure the systems are working optimally. We recommend a thorough inspection/lube and oil check should be done every two, three, or six months to make sure that your compactor is in good and safe working order.

Waste management doesn’t have to be complicated. Commercial trash compactors are an excellent way to slash garbage costs, improve sanitation, and save labor while keeping your employees safe.

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