Best Deodorizers For Your Solid Waste Management Plan

Best Deodorizers For Your Solid Waste Management Plan

Don’t turn your nose up at a solid waste management plan – especially one that prioritizes odor control. The best deodorizers and disinfectants efficiently control odors and microbes to provide long-lasting results.

If your company deals with large amounts of waste, you are likely acquainted with holding your breath while speed-walking past the smelly disposal area. All of your dumpsters, trash rooms, loading docks, trash compactors, and drip pads – plus the surrounding areas – are likely to smell like the waste they process. Aside from the obvious unpleasantness of rotten smells, failing to address the odor aspect of waste management can cause employees and visitors to perceive your facility as unsafe and unhygienic. That’s a hard blow to your brand image. 

More Than an Odor Issue

Bad odors aren’t just inconvenient, though – they can be hazardous to your health. All of that smelly waste is the perfect breeding ground for microorganisms that can spread illness. Even if you can’t see the harmful effects of poor waste management right away, they snowball over time. Accumulating waste decay and produces gases that are released into the atmosphere. In places like landfills where these gases are in a higher concentration, health problems may arise from long-term exposure. In particular, these population face significant risks from improper waste management: 

  • Children and the elderly 
  • Waste disposal workers
  • Those who live near waste disposal facilities
  • Employees whose workplaces come into contact with waste materials 
  • Those with compromised lungs or vision. 

Cancer, respiratory issues, and visibility problems are all linked to landfill gases. Odor control is crucial for health and creating a safe environment for workers and nearby residents. 

“The beauty of biosolids is that is an abundant source of food for microorganisms including proteins amino acids and carbohydrates. These beasts in biosolids degrade these energy sources and odorous compounds are formed.” – United States Environmental Protection Agency, Odor Control in Biosolids Management

Essential Solid Waste Management: Odor Control

Odor control is a critical step in your solid waste management plan for the health and happiness of your neighbors and employees. Take a look at these industrial deodorizers that waste experts recommend as part of odor control best practices. 


AirSolution Odor Neutralizer

This advanced-technology system does more than mask odors. With powerful odor neutralizers, stink is effectively eliminated in indoor or outdoor disposal areas. Don’t rely on ineffective perfumes to mask unpleasant scents – with AirSolution, you can actively eliminate odor at the source.

Glacier Ozone 

The Glacier Ozone doesn’t just cover odors – it destroys them. These odor-fighting machines generate ozone, aka supercharged oxygen molecules that pair with carbon and defeat stink. This supermolecule effectively seeks out and destroys odors. When ozone comes into contact with odor, it transfers its extra oxygen molecule to the odor molecule and changes its chemical composition. Translation – goodbye noxious odors AND volatile organic compounds.

Sonozaire Ozone Generator 

This odor neutralizer generates ozone from oxygen in the atmosphere. The sonozaire ozone generator utilizes the odor-neutralizing chemical properties of ozone by injecting it directly into the source of the odor. With odors and bacteria eliminated, you and your customers can breathe easy. Even tough odor problems don’t stand a chance against 3,400-4,500 milligrams of ozone per hour. 

Fact: Ozone is the clean, crisp smell you detect right before a thunderstorm. A molecule of ozone contains three oxygen molecules – they can get shuffled together after lightning strikes. Ozone is technically the smell of lightning! 



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Stay Ahead of The Smell

Waste experts recommend adhering to best odor control practices as part of your solid waste management plan. Here are a few general guidelines to implement if you aren’t already: 

  • Deal with the problem before it arises. You don’t want to wait for a complaint to take action about an odor problem. Take preventative measures such as investing in a deodorizer. 
  • Record your odor mitigation plan. Be as specific as possible in outlining the direct action items you take, and when you take them, to manage and control odor. 
  • Do not use perfumes, encapsulators, or masking agents to attempt to cover up unpleasant smells. These do not work and often produce a nauseating combination of synthetic perfume and noxious waste odors. Use a product that destroys odor molecules, such as ozone or an enzyme cleaner.
  • Check up on the odor situation daily and record the results. An effective odor mitigation plan requires incremental checks to determine if the plan is working or if it needs to be modified. Be honest, and get a second opinion from other employees. 
  • Every piece of equipment that manages waste should be cleaned at least weekly. Stink, bacteria, and grime stick to these surfaces. Trailers, trash compactors, trash rooms, drip pads, and loading docks must be washed with an odor-eliminating cleaning solution. 
  • If you are struggling to manage odors from waste, reach out for help

There you have it – our favorite industrial deodorizers to add to your solid waste management plan – and why odor control is so important! With proper solid waste management and an excellent deodorizer to boot, you might forget that there is waste in the other room entirely.  Always remember to review the waste you are dealing with and any hazard precautions you must take to handle it safely. 

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