Fast Food Restaurants

Fast Food Restaurants

The average fast food restaurant creates hundreds of thousands of pounds of garbage every year. The solution to effectively reducing and managing restaurant waste is simpler than you think. Our proven compactors, balers and composting equipment is a game-changer for fast food restaurants looking to minimize their carbon footprint and effectively deal with garbage. With the right equipment and a sound waste management plan, fast food restaurants can significantly reduce labor costs, improve backdoor security, improve the appearance of the restaurant, and slash garbage costs 35%-75%.

Amy’s Drive-Thru Corte Madera



Amy’s, the region’s new leading vegetarian fast serve restaurant, wanted to limit trash pick-ups and the number of trips that their staff would need to run trash across the drive-thru lane to the trash enclosure.


For landfill waste/trash, we placed our proven indoor stainless steel 700ss Power Packer Compactor which compacts 20-25 large trashbags into a manageable trash cube that is then transported and lifted into the local hauler’s 1.5 yard rear load bin. The 700 limits trips across the drive-thru to just once or twice per day while limiting pick-ups for this high volume restaurant to just 3 pick-ups per week!

For cardboard, the client chose our small footprint Bramidan B-5 baler which crushes 150 boxes into an easy-to-handle 185-200 lb bale. This labor-saving solution eliminated the need to have multiple cardboard recycle bins, and makes it so staff does not waste time flattening boxes


Because trash is only picked up 3 days per week instead of 6 days, Amy’s saves $10,000s per year while also reducing carbon-emitting emissions from multiple garbage truck trips from the restaurant to the dump.

  • Amy’s Drive-Thru Corte Madera
  • Amy’s Drive-Thru Corte Madera
  • Amy’s Drive-Thru Corte Madera


, Chick-fil-A Palmdale

Chick-fil-A Palmdale

Contents Challenge The Chick-fil-A in Palmdale is one of the highest volume stores in the chain. Daily trash was simply overflowing. Even though they compact dining room waste, the restaurant still had a 6 yard bin picked up daily…and still could not keep up. Trash overflowed onto the ground and had to be stored in…


McDonald’s San Ramon

  McDonald’s – San Ramon Out with the old, in the with NEW! McDonald’s was tired of the inefficient, leaking, smelly horizontal compactor from yesteryear. This operator has now replaced equipment at six locations with our highly efficient and easy-to-use vertical Summit Compactors. These proven compactors pack at an efficient 5 or 6:1 ratio as…


Nation’s Hamburgers – Bay Area

  Nation’s Hamburgers – Bay Area Nation’s Hamburgers, the Bay Area favorite, is way ahead of its time. The restaurants (and pie shop) have been using our indoor and outdoor compactors for years to improve operations and save money on garbage costs. Now, they are composting what used to be trash and have installed our…

Cheese Feature

Chuck E. Cheese – San Jose, CA

  Twenty Years Later and Still a Customer When it came time to replace the compactor we had installed back in the 1980s, the owner of the original Chuck E Cheese’s restaurant on Tully Rd in San Jose called us. After years of use and our solid maintenance support, it was time for an upgrade….



35 - 75% on Average.

Emissions Savings

60 - 80% Savings Per Month