Hospitals and medical facilities can generate up to 25 pounds of waste per day per patient. This number grows even larger when factoring in the recyclable material from products being delivered to the hospital. Many facilities wonder how they can keep a rigorous standard of care while implementing waste management strategies, and the answer is simpler than you think: an expert-informed waste management approach and modern equipment that handles the rest. Our trash compactors, cardboard and plastics balers, along with dry composters make it easy for hospitals to safely and effectively reduce the volume of waste they send to landfills, slash labor costs, lower their carbon emissions footprint, and save between 35 - 75% of their trash and recycling costs.

El Camino Hospital – Sunnyvale, CA

El Camino Hospital
El Camino Hospital
El Camino Hospital

BATC and Nedland Compactors designed and built a beautiful solution: custom tipper and a catwalk with a self-contained 25-yard compactor.

Well done, team! Check out more of our products, here.
Camino Feature
Kaiser Healthcare

Kaiser Permanente – Roseville

Once again Kaiser Permanente has chosen Bay Area Compactor and our reliable and ergonomically sound waste and recycling solutions! Kaiser has built the new Roseville, Riverside Avenue Medical Office Building Complex. Here, we installed our Nedland NSC200-25 yard compactor and cart tipper paired with our next-generation Bramidan B6030 cardboard baler. Staff love these solutions because…



35 - 75% on Average.

Emissions Savings

60 - 80% Savings Per Month