B4 Baler

Small easy-to-use baler

Operating the B4 baler is simple and safe. The baler has a very low noise level, which minimizes disturbances to the work environment. With 8,000 lbs press force, a long stroke, and efficient retainer dogs inside of the chamber, the B4 allows you to reach a high compaction ratio. The indicator light automatically flashes when a full bale is ready to be made, preventing the baler from overfilling. Simply eject the finished bale using the safe two-hand ejection system.

  • Streamline recycling with our Smart Approach
  • Increase waste diversion
  • Save Money on labor and hauling rates
  • Easy to connect Runs on single-phase power.
  • Low noise level Easy to operate at retail locations.
  • Operate from the front The B4 baler fits in areas with limited space.

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