H60/H60XL Horizontal Baler

Our H60/H60XL horizontal balers offer all the features you would expect from a Multi-Material baler. They make extremely dense, mill-ready bales of cardboard, plastic, and non-ferrous metals, which reduces shipping and handling costs. Both models are loaded with features, and built to provide years of durable service in the harshest environments.

These balers increase your productivity and your bottom line and are the choice as scrap recycling machines around the world. Harmony’s H60/H60XL horizontal balers have Semi-Automatic Wire Feed (patent approved), which is another industry exclusive from Harmony Enterprises.

The difference in the model numbers reflects the difference in the charge/feed opening. The H60 has a charge/feed opening of 53″ x 42″ and the H60XL has a charge/feed opening of 53.5″ x 52.5″.

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