KP2 Self-Contained Compactor

When you’re in a tight spot, turn to the K-PAC™ stationary “Stubby” Compactor. The KP2 Series is affectionately called “The Stubby”. Its design is a K-PAC™ engineering masterpiece. Other manufacturers have tried to match its space saving features with it’s powerful compaction, but nothing comes close.

The K-PAC™ stationary compactor KP2 “Stubby” allows for compactor installations where room is a premium. Add to this a lower cost of dock installations by eliminating the need for costly walk-on or drive-on decks and the fact that you can eliminate employees from walking on top of a machine that could be wet and slick. You can provide a safer more efficient installation.

Through-the-wall installation costs are also reduced thanks to the shorter feed chutes which require less installation materials. Special Orkot wear blocks on the four cast iron guide shoes of the packer blade provide a longer wear life, reducing expensive floor and wall repair costs. The “Stubby” is ideal for all your waste compaction applications.

The “Stubby” with an overall length of 71″ features a guided and supported ram combined with a .38″ AR plate floor. This combination along with the K-PAC™ “NOSHOK” system provides the strongest compactor structurally and the most efficient and trouble free system hydraulically. This combination of features is unique to the industry.

K-PAC™ “Stubby” compactors are manufactured in fixtures to insure concentric and consistent equipment every time. A superior paint finish is applied using a modified acrylic enamel with high UV protection. After application the paint is baked on to insure proper cure for exceptional durability. A clear chamber opening of 41″ x 57″ will handle most individual needs. A full 13″ of ram penetration with built in breaker bar teeth provide compaction exceeding competitive models.

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