VICTOR Vertical Compactor

Summit Equipment’s VICTOR Vertical Compactor is designed to economize space. When real estate is expensive, a traditional horizontal compactor with its big container may take up too much space. The VICTOR’s footprint is only 76″ x 90,” so it fits where others won’t. In this modern era when most store waste is either pulled aside for recycling or is composted, the 4, 5, or 6 yard container (depending on the site) has plenty of capacity

The VICTOR’s containers are equipped with side fork pockets for easy waste company emptying, and the collection driver usually doesn’t have to leave the cab. Since the container has no opening except at the top, you won’t have unsightly and smelly leakage to clean up. Best of all, the VICTOR can be connected to most existing through-wall doors that currently empty into roll-off compactors that extend out from the building.

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