NSC Self-Contained Trash Compactors

Nedland Self-Contained Trash Compactors are second to none in quality workmanship and design. Available in sizes from 9 yards up to 35 yard capacity, these Nedland Compactors really take a licking. We have many NSC Self Contained compactors which have been operating over 20 years! And talk about quality, Nedland compactors are built from prime high quality steel plate and structural steel channel and tubing. All electrical components are brand name, UL rated, with all moving parts equipped with grease fittings for simple maintenance. Nedland Compactors come standard with PLC based controls and smart-design switches to eliminate service complications that can arise in lower quality compactors operating in the dirty trash environment. Custom designs, walk-on decks, enclosed dog-houses, railings and cart tippers are all available right from the factory. Integrate the towable Nedland plastic 1.5 – 2 yard bins and you can create your own waste management system at your facility. Ideal Solution: Office Buildings – Hotels – Casinos – Warehouses – Distribution Centers – Manufacturing Plants – Theme Parks – Apartment Complexes – Universities.

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