CleanCUBE, CleanCAP, CleanCityNetwork (CCN)

Take the initiative to make your community cleaner, smarter, and greener with our CleanCUBEs, CleanCAPs and CleanCityNetwork (CCN) software. They’re an investment for a happier community and a streamlined pick-up program. Besides longevity, superior software, and a great design, what makes these so cool?

CleanCUBEs: -Built to compact into 32, 35, or 64 gal. rolling toter cans, making them easy to handle, dump, transport, clean, or exchange -Include solid state system with Clean City Network CCN software providing constant monitoring and operation–remotely managed by us, or you -Eliminate pest entrances and nuisances with a closed cabinet -Pass energy around shadows from trees or branches with a compartmentalized solar panel design -Custom wraps are available and done at the factory, saving a small fortune on initial costs -Easy to change branding and messaging with a simple, internal snap frame advertising panel -Backlighting available -Rotating electronic images available -Size is fully customizable as it is a part of the system, not an add-on

CleanCAPs–Flex: -Eliminate blind spots with dual sensors -Still operate in the sunlight with ultrasound technology -Powered by solar or batteries (3-year lifespan) -Flexible: CleanCAPs can be used in small, 28 gal. cans, street fixture cans, trash bins, and dumpsters -Increase collection efficiency exponentially

CCN Clean Cities Network Software: -Extractable and exportable data allows your team to use the data as you see fit -Customizable to your unique situation -Remote, two-way communication: you can manage advertising, adjust cycles, and manage trends all from your smartphone or computer -Open API can be integrated into existing platforms No matter where your community is, from cities to university campuses to airports and more, our CleanCUBE will help your space to be environmentally-friendly, efficient and affordable.

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