BATC has years of experience in the industry, providing the best balers and compactors to help you with your recycling needs.

how balers and compactors battle global warming

We are proud to present a diverse range of balers and compactors. We offer many models that can suit both the needs of large businesses and those of small businesses. Our machines are lightweight, highly mobile and easy to maneuver. They are designed to save you time, money and effort with their quick set up times so you can get back to running your company as efficiently as possible.

The use of balers and compactors has become a common practice for many industries because of their ability to reduce the size of materials, such as cardboard, paper, plastics, and other recyclable materials.

While the name may seem a bit off, balers and compactors are essential in the recycling process. These machines are designed to compress materials that have been recycled into bales. They can be used to compress cardboard, paper, plastic, wood, and other recyclable materials.

Some of the more common types of balers and compactors include:

-Wire-topped balers

-Cone balers

-Belt presses

Compactors are perfect for recycling

Compactors are perfect for those who want to recycle cardboard, paper, plastic, metal, etc. Our selection includes both batch and continuous flow models to suit your needs and budget.

What can I do with a balers or compactors?

If you're looking to reduce clutter or want to store items more efficiently, a baler or compactor can help you out! We have a variety of models that range in size and weight capacity so find what suits your needs best.

How does BATC work?

BATC provides high-quality balers and compactors that are easy to use, reliable and safe. Our team is available 24/7 for your convenience. Try us out today for a one-time payment, no long term commitments!