McDonald’s San Ramon

McDonald’s San Ramon


McDonald’s – San Ramon

Out with the old, in the with NEW!

McDonald’s was tired of the inefficient, leaking, smelly horizontal compactor from yesteryear. This operator has now replaced equipment at six locations with our highly efficient and easy-to-use vertical Summit Compactors. These proven compactors pack at an efficient 5 or 6:1 ratio as opposed to the old unit’s 3:1 ratio.


Importantly, coke syrup and liquid is no squeezed onto the floor of the corral with these new systems. As any operator will tell you, it makes the trash corral smell, creates a slip hazard and eats through concrete.



Trash Compactor

This operator installed our 3-yard SV3 at their high-volume site and the SV2 at their standard-volume site. Each store is saving 35%-65% on their trash bill while improving their operation.Sustainability, McDonald’s San Ramon

Trash compactor

Sounds like a win-win!

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