Amy’s Drive-Thru Corte Madera

Amy’s Drive-Thru Corte Madera


Amy’s the region’s new leading vegitarian fast serve restaurant wanted to limit trash pick-ups and the number of trips that their staff would need to run trash across the drive thru lane to the trash enclosure.


For landfill waste/trash we placed our proven indoor stainless steel 700ss Power Packer compactor which compacts 20-25 large trashbags into a manageable trashcube that is then transported and lifted into the local hauler’s 1.5 yard rear load bin. The 700 limits trips across th edrive thru to just once or twice per day, while limiting pick-ups for this high volume restaurant to just 3 pick-ups per week!

For cardboard the client chose our small footprint Bramidan B-5 baler which crushes 150 boxes into an easy-to handle 185-200 lb bale. This labor-saving solution eliminated the need to have multiple cardboard recycle bins, and makes it so staff does not waste time flattening boxes


Because trash is only picked up 3 days per week instead of 6 days, Amy’s saves $10,000s per year while also reducing carbon emitting emmissions from multiple garbage truck trips from the restaurant to the dump.