Bardessono Hotel and Spa

Bardessono Hotel and Spa

Off The Grid Waste Management

“The fact that Bay Area Trash Compactor and their partners at Harmony Enterprises have developed these systems to operate off-the-grid, simply take us to the next level in sustainability.”

The Customer

Bardessono Hotel & Spa opened in February 2009 with 62 guest rooms in Yountville, California, the heart of the Napa Valley. The hotel boasts Lucy Restaurant and Bar with its own on-site, CCOF (California Certified Organic Farming) culinary garden, and a full-service spa as well as personalized spa treatment areas in each of its guest rooms.

We pledge to care for an uncommon set of priorities: for the environment, for each other, for our guests, for the property, and for the community nearby. Together, these priorities represent a vision for unprecedented and attentive service. 

The Challenge

Bardessono Hotel and Spa

Bardessono’s back of the house is limited on space with the trash area positioned close to both guest rooms and residential neighbors making noise, appearance, and odors a concern.

Management felt too much labor was being spent on breaking down boxes and keeping the trash area clean, especially after a weekend.

Additionally, the local garbage and recycling company serviced one overflowing 4-yard Trash bin 4 days per week, one overflowing 4-yard cardboard bin 3 days, and multiple glass and organics toters once per week at a cost of over $28,000 per year. 

The Solution

An innovative waste and recycling solution to deliver the right waste and recycling system for each client shines through again. Bay Area Trash Compactor provides Bardessono with its breakthrough SOLAR powered P-4 4-yard compactor and small footprint M42 cardboard baler combination.

The compactor packs 16+ yards of loose trash into the liquid/odor tight container thus:

  • Reducing the hotel’s trash pick-ups 75% to just once per week
  • Slashing the trash bill by $10,000/year

Cardboard is easily managed by the M42 baler with 150 boxes crushed into an easy-to-handle 200lb bale ready for recycling pick up and gaining reimbursement for the material.

As one of only three LEED Platinum Certified hotels in the US, our new solar combination is a perfect fit as Bardessono continually seeks sustainable solutions to improve the guest experience and reduce operating expenses. 

The Results

Bardessono Hotel and Spa

With garbage truck trips reduced by 75%, guests and neighbors are relieved of early morning trash truck exhaust and noise and the back of the house is now tidy and odor-free.

Financially, the system is saving $10,000 annually on hauling costs and saves many hours each week in labor providing an ROI in less than 24 months. Over 14 tons of CO2 emissions have been eliminated.