Waste Diversion, Sustainability and Zero Waste goals are achievable…with the right approach. Since 1985, Bay Area Trash Compactor has been providing on-site expertise paired with proven solutions and on-going training to the finest hotels, restaurants, universities, hospitals and more, making our customers’ waste management and recycling strategies a success. 

Landfill, Recycle, Compost

Our common-sense approach allows us to support your goals on many levels:

Slash Trash/Recycling Costs 35-75%

Maximize Diversion Credits

Reduce Labor Costs

Improve Sanitation

Save Space

Streamline Operations

Maintain Recycling Compliance

Align Sustainability Goals

New Project

Take advantage of our intimate knowledge of local trash/recycling rate structures, local hauler requirements, equipment options and our superior ongoing support. We are passionate about saving the planet (and your budget) with cost-effective, common sense, proven solutions.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Compact the Rest!

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