How to Streamline Waste Handling

How to Streamline Waste Handling

We share that insight with our clients to support their goals of streamline waste handling, reducing costs, improving their operation, and, ideally, helping the planet.

At Bay Area Trash Compactor, our team members are proven waste experts. After all, we have been the market leader since 1985, guiding and serving our clients in waste management solutions for over 35 years.  We understand the entire lifecycle of waste, recycled materials, and composted materials. From manufacture to use, to end of life transition, to landfill, recycling, or compost regeneration, we can help guide you to find the best solutions for your business.

Our Process

As waste experts focused on helping our clients, we approach each job by first understanding the existing waste, recycling, and/or compost situation. After finding out various elements of information, such as what the company specializes in, we then take the next step. We do a deep dive audit of the waste, compost, or recycling that’s generated. We look at where the materials come from and how they’re collected, the volume of material and where it’s deposited, as well as the costs associated with hauling the materials..

As we analyze the makeup of the existing waste stream we are able to identify which materials can be diverted from the landfill. These materials are earmarked for recycling or composting. By doing this, we are able to ensure that only a minimum of true landfill waste ends up going to a landfill.

The next step in our process is to develop a collection and separation solution for each unique operation to streamline waste diversion. We work with you to choose the right approach or equipment needed to simplify material handling and densification.

When it comes time for implementation, we generate an ROI model proving the value of the new approach and then expertly install the chosen equipment, train staff, work with recyclers and haulers, and monitor success. We also provide supplemental training to ensure a smooth transition.

As always, we keep our eyes out for additional savings opportunities, including supply chain management options.

Shrink Wrap

As an example of the solutions we provide, let’s look at shrink wrap. Many manufacturing and distribution facilities receive a lot of shrink wrap plastic from pallets and shipping. Clients often place the material in their landfill waste container.  Contact Our waste experts and see this as an opportunity to divert waste. The plastic material is light, but voluminous. It is also highly compactable.  Further, the shrink wrap is easy to identify, and often comes from one or two points of generation.

By placing a small footprint baler near the point of generation, staff can simply place the film material directly into the baler and crush it at a ratio of 20:1. That bale, if clean (no contamination like plastic strapping), can be recycled.  If contaminated, the bale can be deposited into the landfill container but, because plastic volume has been reduced by 20x, the customer will be able to cut pick-up frequency by up to 50%-75%

Now the waste expert will dig deeper. What other material is ending up in the landfill? What else can be diverted? The process starts again.


As hard as we try to divert as much as possible from the waste stream, there are some things that are inevitably going to end up in the landfill. The best way to manage true waste is to make sure that it takes up as little space as possible. This is better for the capacity of landfills the world over, and is better for you. When trash is compacted, it can reduce the number of trash pickups that you need. When your trash pickups are less frequent, you can save your company money, and reduce the amount of carbon emissions belched from garbage trucks.

This is where trash compactors come in. Trash compactors are one of the most important pieces of equipment for reducing waste and streamlining the waste management process. Industrial trash compactors are designed to handle a high volume of waste materials and can handle just about anything that’s deposited into it.

By using a trash compactor, you can reduce your trash volume and also help the environment. While the goal is to get as much material as possible diverted from the landfill, using a trash compactor is among the most ecologically friendly options to dispose of waste.

Trash Compactors

When it comes to trash compactors, you have options on size and functionality.. At Bay Area Trash Compactor, we have multiple manufacturers to choose from. Our team of experts can help you select the best option for you. Our industrial trash compactors range from indoor compactors to solar compactors.

Indoor Compactors

These point of generation systems are traditionally installed indoors, yet will save space, save labor, secure the back door and compact waste either into a sealed cube, or directly into a Toter/Wheelie bin.

Corral Compactors

Our corral compactors are traditionally installed outdoors in your existing trash corral. These compactors maintain your current system of disposing trash, but come in a range of options and sizes and can work just about anywhere. We can also run these systems via Solar Power.

Self Contained Compactors

Our self contained trash compactors work well for wet trash, eliminate liquid leakage, fit in tight spaces, and accommodate a large volume of waste. These systems can be easily loaded from ground level, or be designed to load off a loading dock, via chute, or with a cart tipper. These systems, too, can run off solar power.

Stationary Compactors

Our stationary compactors are great for dry waste and recyclables. These systems can process high volumes of materials and compact into large receivers picked up with roll-off trucks. With packer sizes that come in a wide range, these stationary compactors will easily compress whatever you can throw at them.

Solar Compactors

Our Corral, and Self Contained compactors can be run via Solar Power. Additionally, we have the smaller public area solar compactors that are placed on the sidewalk for pedestrians to place waste/recyclables into and the units will not only compact the material, but will continuously monitor fullness levels and notify staff when full and ready for pick-up.  With one of our solar trash compactors, you can manage your commercial waste in a sustainable way.

Chute Fed Compactors

Our chute fed compactors are ideal for high-rise apartment buildings, hotels, and thru-wall applications.   Various sizes and styles are available to fit any trash chute design.

Shopping for a Trash Compactor?

If you’re interested in streamlining your waste removal process, contact us. At BATC, we have what it takes to help you make the best, most efficient and ecological choice for your company. Contact us today by phone or online. We look forward to hearing from you. Give us a call at (833) 562-0665, or click this link to send an email.