New Composting Law SB 1383 Begins January 2022

New Composting Law SB 1383 Begins January 2022

Reminder to California restaurant owners, hotels, schools, healthcare facilities, and the like: The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) has passed a new composting law regarding composting food waste. If your organization generates food waste, you are expected to implement these regulations beginning in January of 2022 — but don’t worry, Bay Area Trash Compactor is here to help.

What this Composting Law Means for You

Outlined in the new composting law, California’s goal is to reduce the amount of compostable material that has been thrown away by 75% and recover 20% of edible food that is currently thrown away by 2025. If your business is a large generator of food waste, you will also be required to donate the maximum amount of edible food that your company generates.

Invest in a Dehydrator or Liquid Food Composter

At Bay Area Trash Compactor, we offer modern technology food composting aids that can speed up the process of composting tenfold. Businesses that are large generators of waste can kickstart their food waste reduction plan with one of our high-tech composters. 

Liquid Food Composter

Our Power Knot Liquid Food Composter is an automatic composting machine. This composting powerhouse uses water so microorganisms can rapidly decompose food and then flush compost out of the machine. Think of it as a bio-digester, or a way to speed up the composting process—and you can add food into the machine at any time. Plus, the composter continuously monitors the weight of the waste — so you can see for yourself how much food waste you are saving from a landfill by composting. 

Food Waste Dryer

Gaia Dehydrators are organic and food waste reduction systems that can cut the weight and volume of food waste by as much as 90%. The process includes drying food and other organic waste with heat and mechanical mixing. Since food waste is 98% water, the Gaia dehydrator significantly reduces its volume by evaporating moisture, and it can treat up to 200 tons per day. If your company processes large amounts of food waste, a food waste dehydrator is key to reducing the volume of waste that will end up in a landfill – and can aid your composting efforts for the new California law! 

Food Waste Digester

Harp Bio-Digesters are powerful aerobic food waste digesters that can process 1,000 to 50,000 liters (5.5 tons) of food waste each week while reducing volume by 70%. In just 24 hours, these bio-digesters produce a nutrient-rich, high-quality output that may be used as a soil enhancer or biomass fuel. Plus, the digesting process preserves nutrients that would otherwise decay in a traditional composter, which can replenish stripped soil with essential vitamins and minerals. 

Why This Matters and How Bay Area Trash Compactor Supports You

This new composting law is not just a regulatory requirement—it’s a call to action for sustainability and social responsibility. By diverting food waste from landfills, your business contributes to a greener planet and aids in combating hunger within our communities. Understanding that adapting to these regulations might seem daunting, Bay Area Trash Compactor (BATC) stands ready to simplify your transition. We specialize in cutting-edge composting technologies that can revolutionize the way you manage food waste, ensuring compliance with the new law while fostering environmental stewardship.

Unique Food Waste and Compost Tools at BATC

We have a wide selection of trash compactors, balers, and food composters that can significantly reduce the volume of food waste your company sends to a landfill every year. Use our proven 450ss, V95, or SV2 to compact coffee cups, paper plates, pizza boxes, compostable plastic ware, and more all to reduce volume and save on hauling costs. Furthermore, our point of generation balers (B5, X6030) shrink-wrap and keep cardboard out of the waste stream. 

Bay Area Trash Compactor can help transform your food waste composting efforts so you can meet the requirements of California’s new composting law. Use our experience and expertise to help prospects develop a plan and do a waste cost savings survey FOR FREE. 

If you are a large generator of organic material in California, it is time for action! Give us a call today at (833) 562-0665. 

Together, we can turn the tide on food waste and forge a path to a healthier planet for future generations.