Trash Packer

These three vertical trash compacters are designed for years of heavy use for many different industries. They all achieve high compaction ratios, which can save your business time and money. All three options feature:

  • All stainless steel exterior
  • All stainless steel compaction chamber
  • Heavy duty welded construction
  • Push button controls
  • Multi-operational key switch
  • UL Listed Components
  • Compaction ratios up to 20:1
  • Reusable split trashcube
  • Safety interlock system
  • Heavy duty compaction plate
  • Modular electrical system
  • Baling capability
  • Two stage hydraulic pump
  • Trashcube ejector system
  • Odor control system
  • Bag dispenser
  • Full indicator, buzzer and light
  • Heavy duty locking casters

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