Luke’s Local Grocery


Luke’s Local, the sustainably grown, locally sourced San Francisco grocery store and delivery service in Cole Valley was running out of space managing waste and recycling at the back of the store.


After discussing options with Luke, Scott and team they chose to rent our super small-footprint Bramidan B4 Baler which crushes and bundles 65-90 boxes into an easy to handle 80 lb bundle of cardboard that local recyclers pick up off the curb. For trash, recyclables and compost they chose our space saving single chamber V-95 which compacts material right into their existing Toter wheelie bin. Now instead of swimming in cardboard and dodging multiple Toters in the back room of the store, the space is manageable and useable.

Savings and more:

With terrific hauling cost savings and a better operation, Luke’s liked our equipment so much they installed the same combination over at their newest location in Cow Hollow. Again, they now have a back room that is functional and clean. Go Luke’s Local!
, Luke’s Local Grocery

, Luke’s Local Grocery

, Luke’s Local Grocery