Gaia Food Waste Dryer

The range of Gaia Dryers are organic and food waste reduction systems that can reduce weight and volume by as much as 90% These simple automated systems dry food and other organic waste by the use of heat and mechanical mixing.

As organic and food wastes have a high moisture content (up to 98%), the weight and volume reduction is achieved through the evaporation of the water, leaving the operator with a dry, manageable end product that has been sterilized and stabilized so that it doesn’t smell and can be stored for many weeks without degrading.

The Gaia dryers are available in a range of sizes to treat batches of waste from as little as 30kgs per day, up to industrial scale solutions that can process 200 tonnes per day. They are ideal for use in places that have limited space such as city centre hotels and catering operations, shopping centres as well as food processors and manufacturers.

The Gaia dryers are powered by electricity with heating provided by gas, steam, electricity or thermal oil. The processing times and costs vary and are dependent upon the type of waste being treated and the water content. Typical process times vary between 5 and 7 hours and the energy consumption varies between 0.28 and 0.9 kW/kg.

The Gaia dryers are uniquely tolerant of packaged wastes. During the drying process any non-organic packaging (e.g. plastic and foil) is broken apart allowing the organic waste to be dried with the packaging remaining available for recovery through a simple screening process. The resultant organic waste powder has significant calorific value as a Biomass fuel or quality feedstock for Anaerobic Digestion systems.

Traceable vegetable and fruit waste can be processed to produce quality feedstock for use in animal feeds. -Reduce waste disposal and transportation frequency and costs -Simple and robust automated batch drying system -Reduce odours and vermin attraction -Range of sizes from 30 kg up to 200 tonnes / day -Accepts many contaminated and packaged food wastes -Enables conversion of food waste to Biomass and recovery of recyclable packaging -Running costs are typical and meant for guidance only, actual costs will depend on the type of food waste and energy costs of the user.

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