UC Berkeley International House

UC Berkeley International House


International House is a legend. Born in 1930, the I House brings together international students and locals alike, sharing experiences and cultures. The Cafe is always busy and the dorms full, even through the pandemic.

With overflowing dumpsters taking up the highly visible alley, and constant wrestling with cardboard boxes and compost handling the International House looked to Cal’s Zero Waste Team.


Cal’s Zero Waste team recommended Bay Area Trash Compactor’s proven equipment – an SV2 Compactor for Compost, and SV2 Compactor for Landfill, and a Bramidan X6030 baler for Cardboard. Bottles, cans and paper are collected in 96 gallon toters.

The new approach eliminated overflowing bins, raccoons and pests, making the highly visible alley clean and organized. Streamlining waste/compost separation is now simple. Further, by diverting cardboard into bales the I house eliminated two dumpsters and now packs 500-1,000 boxes into the baler before it is full. The Zero Waste team is automatically notified via email when the baler is full using Bramidan’s cellular GSM, and the team comes and picks up the bale for recycling at $60-$75/ton.


With this new approach and BATC’s equipment, International House was able to eliminate the expensive local city hauler and move to Cal Zero Waste’s pick-up program saving $1,000s annually on pick-ups and gaining better control.

Another Bay Area Trash Compactor, Customer, and Mother Earth Win-Win-Win!

Products Purchased

Two Summit SV2 compactors and Bramidan X6030 BalerUC Berkeley International House