What are Smart Malls, Parks, and Universities Using to Control Public Trash?

What are Smart Malls, Parks, and Universities Using to Control Public Trash?

Public spaces like malls, parks, and quads can become a mess when waste receptacles are overflowing, or visitors simply toss their trash on the ground instead of in the trash bin. To combat this, small trash compactors are an ideal option for these areas. Trash compactors maximize capacity and eliminate overflowing cans by compacting waste and using smart technology to automatically compact the waste and recyclables. Bay Area Trash Compactor has a range of small commercial and small public space compactors that are perfect for any area, and in this article, we’d like to share some of our most popular compactor models for high-traffic locations!

Why Use Smart Trash Compactors?

Public spaces may have hundreds or even thousands of people walking through them throughout the day. Smart trash compactors can be utilized to keep these areas clean by maximizing garbage/recycling/compost capacity through compaction. Then with smart technology, staff can be alerted when receptacles are approaching full. This Smart Approach allows for fewer pickups, eliminates overflowing trash cans, and encourages visitors to put their recycling in proper receptacles. Additionally, smart trash compactors offer the following features:

  • Automatic compaction and deodorization of waste and recyclables
  • Real-time data reporting through text or email to help better manage your space’s trash
  • Slash trash and recycling costs by 35-75%
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Customizable bin configurations to fit any need

Some clients need smaller compactors placed in multiple locations, around a mall for example. For these clients, we suggest our customizable smart compactors. All of the options will provide a net positive cash flow with long-term use. We also guarantee that, compared to a traditional trash receptacle, our systems will save time, improve sanitation, lower trash hauling expenses, minimize pilferage, enhance back door security, simplify recycling and reduce unsightly messiness and unpleasant odors! 

Check out a few options below.


Our CleanCUBEs, CleanCAPs, and CleanCityNetwork (CCN) software are the future of public area trash compactors; plus, they’re an investment for a happier community and a streamlined pick-up program. This compact, efficient technology is a game-changer for public spaces. Here are just a few features that our testimonials mention over and over again:

  • Easy to Operate: Built to compact into 32, 35, or 64 gal. rolling toter cans, making them easy to handle, dump, transport, clean, or exchange.
  • Remote Management: Includes solid-state systems with Clean City Network CCN software providing constant monitoring and operation. This can be remotely managed by us or you!
  • Keeps Critters Away: Eliminates pest entrances and nuisances with a closed cabinet.
  • Uniquely Energy-Efficient: Passes energy around shadows from trees or branches with a compartmentalized solar panel design.

Orwak TOM

The same size as a conventional waste bin, Orwak TOM can hold up to seven times as much waste! This mall-favorite small trash compactor features hands-free operation to keep spaces tidy, hygienic and inviting. TOM’s modern and durable finish is the perfect neutral, sleek canvas to fit unobtrusively into public spaces. However, should you wish to customize it with your own brand design or logo, wrapping it is easy!

This smart compactor doesn’t just notify you automatically when it’s full. TOM uses built-in sensors to identify low-traffic periods of time, which it defines as thirty minutes or more without anyone approaching to dispose of waste. During this slow time, TOM takes initiative to compress the trash, allowing it to begin breaking down and increasing TOM’s space for even more waste.


The SmartPack system, which has been used at the Smithsonian and other significant facilities, comes with a preprogrammed compaction cycle and can even broadcast a prerecorded greeting to your visitors! It holds as much as ten times the waste of a traditional trash bin of its size, and like TOM, it automatically compacts during slow periods. Our clients, in addition to saving time, money, and labor, have reported that SmartPack systems are perfect for the following places:

  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Malls/Food Courts 
  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Airports
  • Theme Parks
  • Employee Cafeterias
  • Colleges

Environmental Benefits of Switching to a Smart Compactor

Switching from a normal trash receptacle to a smart compactor with a higher capacity and more efficient compaction technology reduces the total number of trash pickups required. This decreases greenhouse gas emissions from trucks! At Bay Area Trash Compactor we’ve seen over 50% in savings with our small smart compactor solutions!

Additionally, because compactors are often placed at entry points to public spaces like malls or parks, it becomes easier for the public to recycle and compost. This reduces the amount of waste that goes into landfills, further decreasing emissions.

When it comes time to select a small trash compactor for your mall, park, or other public space, be sure to consider all of the benefits that come with choosing a smart compactor over a traditional receptacle. At Bay Area Trash Compactor, we’re passionate about making it easy for you to make the switch and be environmentally responsible!


UC Merced Loves Their New E-Cubes

The UC Merced University, through our landscape contracting partner, Brightview, installed 127 Solar Powered E-cube compacting waste/compost/recycling units across campus. These units pack right into a Toter can for easy handling and have a built-in monitoring system. Because they are closed systems, the E-cubes keep critters out, keeping the campus looking great!

Equipped with high-grade solar panels on top of each unit, these powerhouses pack away into any landscape or architectural design.

With the built-in system, UC Merced can rest assured that the campus will be clean and the E-cubes are small enough to accommodate any design!

Bay Area Trash Compactor has small and larger models for public use such as at restaurants or tourist attractions. If you need help finding the right small-size trash compactor for your space, contact our team today!

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