Power Packer

Our Solar SunPak P-4 is a front loading, Power Packing, outdoor, self-contained compactor. With more than 25,000 pounds of packing force, the P-4 packs 16 loose yards into its 4 yard container.

The P-4 Power Packer LIQUID-TIGHT design means that both “wet” and “dry” waste can be compacted and held for disposal in a truly neat and sanitary fashion. -No Electrical Required -Works in Ambient Light -Slashes Hauling Costs up to 75% -Safe and Simple to Operate -Improves your Sustainability Goals -Packs 16 yards into a 4 yard container -Eliminates Odors and Pests -Leak-proof container holds 17″ of liquid -Dual Safety Interlock System -Protective power unit cover -Pick up LEED points.

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