Penske Logistics – Union City

BATC helps Penske Logistics with their waste logistics!

Penske Logistics, of Union City, was having some issues containing their dumpster debris. Causing all sorts of issues – rubbish overflowing, unwanted pests, off-putting scents and more.

Penske Logistics - Union City

BATC had just the solution. An enclosed compactor system! This piece of equipment not only looks sleek, but it compacts waste at a 4:1 rate, helps maintain a tidy workspace, prevents casual dumping and pests from visiting, and reduces the smell generated by waste.

Penske Logistics - Union City

They’ll also reduce the amount of trash pick-ups as a result of the compaction rate – saving them time AND money!

Better environment, easier to load, money saved – sounds like a real win-win!

Penske Logistics - Union City

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