Do Solar Compactors Work? | Trash Compactor Industrial

Do Solar Compactors Work? | Trash Compactor Industrial

There’s a new kind of trash compactor industrial that’s built to last – the solar-powered trash compactor. Powered by solar panels charging a battery pack, solar trash compactors utilize renewable energy to function. These nifty machines have a host of benefits, including reducing trash pickups, slashing hauling costs by 35%-75%, and reducing the volume of waste sent to landfills.

Let’s discuss the benefits of solar-powered trash compactors and how they can help your business save money and space!

Do Solar Compactors Work?

Our clients often ask us whether solar compactors work, and the answer is a resounding yes! While standard trash compactor industrial relies on electricity to function, solar trash compactors rely on solar panels, which means they’re powered by the best, unlimited renewable energy source. 

Our small sidewalk solar compactors, the eCube, and Pel units use a solar panel integrated into the compactor to charge a 12-volt battery mounted inside the compactor.  For our larger corral compactors, the roof or rack-mounted solar panels charge a 24 or 48-volt system that is proven to provide power to run a compactor and a cardboard baler at the same time! In addition to being powered by renewable energy, solar trash compactors also have several other benefits, including:

  • Reducing trash pickups and slashing costs. Industrial trash compactor- Solar trash compactors can reduce the frequency of trash pickups because they compress trash. When a compactor is full, it uses a wireless transmitter to alert the trash company that it needs emptying. The trash company can then add them to their route and only collect the cans on an as-needed basis.
  • Saving gas, reducing pollution. Reducing the number of trash pickups means that trash trucks will use less fuel and emit less-polluting exhaust.  
  • Saving space. Due to the high compaction rate, businesses will need fewer trash cans to store the same amount of trash.
  • Improve the environment. Solar compactors improve the appearance of the property by eliminating overflowing cans. Further, by using solar the units can be totally off the grid thus not utilizing electricity generated by a carbon-emitting power plant.  Lastly, by diverting waste from landfills by using our compost and recycle compactors/balers, then utilizing a trash compactor industrial to crush landfill waste and decrease its footprint by 400%-700% landfill life can be extended by decades.  
  • Solar Powered Compactors/Balers eliminate the need to pull electrical conduit or trench to remote locations at a property.  Off-the-grid solar compactors and solar balers can save thousands of dollars on traditional electrical installation.  All you need is good southern exposure to the sun and the solar trash compactor industrial and strong will work for years. 

Solar Trash Compactor Industrial: Our Models

Solar Compactors

Bay Area Trash Compactor offers a variety of solar models to meet the needs of our clients. We have small footprint sidewalk solar compactors from eCube Labs and Pel Manufacturing.  These units are ideal for cities, universities, and shopping centers to better manage waste and recyclables. 

Bay Area Trash Compactor also provides larger solar compactors working off the grid that compact up to 6:1 in Shopping Centers (Crossroads PH), Grocery Stores (Village Market), Hotels (Bardesssono, Safari West, Carmel Mission Ranch, and Medical facilities (Kaiser San Ramon).

The SV2, P-4, and P200 Power-Packer, among others, is a robust solar trash compactor that can compact trash at a ratio of 7:1 with a 28 second cycle time. These models are perfect for high-volume businesses that generate a lot of waste, such as grocery stores and shopping centers.  For centralized waste handling, see our Nedland Self-Contained compactor with Solar panels mounted right on the compactor.  This unit can pack 90-100 loose yards of material into one 30 yard compactor.  

Solar Balers

In addition to our solar trash compactors, we also offer solar balers. Solar balers are ideal for businesses that generate a lot of recyclable materials, such as cardboard and paper. Balers compress these materials into bales, making them easier to store and transport.

Our solar balers bale 100+ boxes into an easy-to-handle 200lb bale for recycling. Our Solar Compactors and balers slash hauling costs by 5%-75% while reducing noise and air pollution from garbage truck emissions.

Ecube Solar Compactors

Our Ecube Solar Compactors are compacting at the Beaches of South Lake Tahoe, campuses like UC Davis, UC Merced, and cities including Huntington Beach, Baltimore, and more.  These innovative solar units also have Clean City Network smart systems that notify when full and plan routes to minimize labor and pollution. With an Ecube, you can monitor trash levels, set up alerts, and even remotely compact your trash from your smartphone.

Solar Success Stories

We have numerous success stories from clients who have installed solar trash compactors or balers in their businesses. Here are just a few.

Bardessono Hotel and Spa Goes Green

Bardessono Hotel & Spa opened in February 2009 with 62 guest rooms in Yountville, California, the heart of the Napa Valley. After struggling with constantly overflowing trash bins and excessive time spent breaking down boxes, the luxurious hotel contacted us. Hauling all of this trash cost the business a whopping $28,000 per year.

Enter our SOLAR-powered P-4 4-yard compactor and small footprint M42 cardboard baler combination. The high compaction rate reduced the hotel’s trash pickups by 75%, saving them $10,000 on their yearly trash bill.

The Benefits:

  • Saving $10,000 annually on hauling costs
  • Saving many hours of labor each week
  • Providing an ROI in less than 24 months
  • Eliminating over 14 tons of CO2 emissions
  • Maintaining a clean and tidy trash area

Calculate Your Savings From Switching to ​​Our Proven Trash Compactors, Cardboard Balers, and Organics Composters

University of California Solar Success

The University of California has been a leader in sustainability initiatives, and its trash compactors are no exception.  

UC Merced, established in 2005 as a research university and the tenth newest UC campus, needed waste bins that could keep trash areas clean and free of critters. With our help, they installed 127 Solar Powered E-cube compacting waste, compost, and recycling units across campus. These systems keep their campus clean and trash-free, but they also pack right into a Toter can for easy handling and have built-in monitor systems. 

UC Davis, the largest UC campus founded in 1908, needed a better way to manage its team better and eliminate over-servicing waste and recycling receptacles on campus outskirts. Enter E-cube Labs’ new Clean Cap sensors: these unique sensors use ultrasonic waves to measure can fullness – eliminating false readings that traditional infrared sensors provide when sunlight interrupts the beam. These caps come in solar or battery-powered. With their new sensors, the custodial staff at UC Davis knows exactly when to service their waste bins at the edge of campus, saving time and labor on trash collection. 

Learn More About Our Solar Trash Compactor Models

To learn more about sustainable approaches to waste management and recycling, contact us at Bay Area Trash Compactor. For the past thirty-seven years, we have supplied high-quality services to everyone from McDonald’s and Starwood Resorts to Kaiser Hospitals and Safeway. With our constantly growing range of products and our customer-oriented strategies, our services can save you time, energy, and money. Learn more about trash compactor industrial by calling us at (833) 562-0665 or emailing [email protected].