College of Marin

College of Marin


College of Marin wanted to centralize their trash/recycling/compost area to eliminate multiple garbage truck stops at various locations creating noise, wear and tear, and pollution. They also wanted the capability to improve waste diversion and recycle their cardboard and plastics.


Their newly-created facilities shop and receiving area created the perfect home for our Nedland NSC200-25 with our cart tipper for the smart Akro-Mills trash carts. Now landfill waste is gathered in the carts and brought to the compactor and compacted. The unit has our Glacier Ozone sanitizer that eliminates odors improving relations with the neighborhood next door.

Our Bramidan B-5 baler makes managing plastics from the receiving area simple. Simply open the door to the baler and put the shrink-wrap in…The B-5 bales at a 20:1 ratio, so mountains of voluminous shrink-wrap are removed from the landfill waste stream and baled into an easy-to-handle 200lb bale set for recycling.

Standing right next to the B-5 is our B6030 baler which will bale 1,000 lbs of cardboard into one container-sized bale. No need to flatten boxes, the B6030 generates 66,000 lbs of pressure making a bale that has value and can be sold to our recycling partners or delivered at a premium value.

Our Bramidan balers use our free SMART Approach system. Each baler has a built-in cellular modem that will text a staffer when the baler is full, email the recycler after a predetermined number of bales are made allow from sustainability reporting via the smart portal, and allows BATC to dial into a baler if necessary to troubleshoot and make adjustments.


The new Nedland NSC200-30 with 10 HP power unit compacts up to 6 tons of material into one easy-to-use compactor. Continuous welds and extra thick steel floor mean this compactor will be packing daily for the next 20+ years.$1,000s in reduced wear and tear from heavy garbage trucks on campus, $10,000s on hauling costs, $25-$45/ton in revenue for cardboard, and reduced carbon footprint by reducing garbage truck trips to the site.