Chicken Ranch Casino – Sonora, CA

Chicken Ranch Casino – Sonora, CA


It Pays to Bale your Cardboard

We installed our Nedland Self Contained Compactor with our unique new cellular monitoring system at the venerable Chicken Ranch Casino to eliminate pests and odors from the back of their building.

The compactor packs 80 yards of waste into the compactor and the monitoring system notifies management and the hauler when the unit is ready for pick-up.

Being three hours from our shop is no problem, as we can troubleshoot and make adjustments to the compactor from our office computer!

Additionally, the Ranch installed our Harmony M60 STD cardboard baler to eliminate the overflow of cardboard bins and the tedious need for staff to flatten boxes. Now, staff simply open the door, drop a cardboard box in, and walk away.

The baler delivers 1,000 lb. bales, which are then picked up by a local recycler who then pays the Chicken Ranch $60-$100/ton for their waste!