Bishop O’Dowd High School – Oakland, CA

Bishop O’Dowd High School – Oakland, CA


Money for Students, Not Trash: Bishop O’Dowd High School Saves $32K

Bishop O'Dowd High School - Oakland, CA

Problem: Bishop O’Dowd High School in Oakland had a tight loading dock with overflowing cardboard boxes, landfill waste, and recycle bins. Plus, they were paying over $4,600/month for trash and recycling.

Solution: We installed our Bramidan B-5 Baler and Summit S-V2 Compactor. The baler crushes 1,050 boxes into an easy-to-handle bale for recycling, thus eliminating a huge 7 yard recycle bin. The S-V2 allows B.O.D. to compact 12 yards of trash into a 2 yard bin. The system also allows the school to swap bins, compacting compost, yard trimmings, and recycling into different 2 yard bins.

Result: B.O.D. saves over $32,000 annually on waste and recycling while opening up their loading dock and cleaning up the appearance of the school.