Trash Talking: 2022 Landfill Stats and How Compactors Can Help

are trash compactors worth it

Are trash compactors worth it? Let’s find out. Most Americans would be surprised to learn that the average person generates about 4.6 pounds of trash every day, and that figure is only increasing. Even more troubling is that only about 34% of this waste is recycled. The rest goes to landfills, which are already overflowing…

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Do Solar Compactors Work? | Trash Compactor Industrial

trash compactor industrial

There’s a new kind of trash compactor industrial and built to last – the solar-powered trash compactor. Powered by solar panels charging a battery pack, solar trash compactors utilize renewable energy to function. These nifty machines have a host of benefits, including reducing trash pickups, slashing hauling costs by 35%-75%, and reducing the volume of…

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