M48 MP

Setting the standard for performance and value with a low profile design that operates under a 120″ ceiling. The  M48 MP  is the ideal solution for supermakerts, hotels, motels, department stores, manufacturing facilities, colleges/universities, industrial/commercial sites, shopping centers and more. Compare these features of the M48 MP with the competition:

  • Low profile design operates under a 10′ ceiling
  • Power of larger vertical balers incorporated into a compact design
  • Handles many of your recycling needs with ease and speed
  • Produces up to 400 lb bales
  • Features an adjustable bale maximizer timer to produce perfect bales every time
  • 28 second cycle time
  • Safe, one-person operation
  • lower cost of operation when compared to larger vertical balers
  • Reduces your waste disposal costs and saves you money

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