Indoor Power Packer

The Inside Power Packer is the perfect waste control system for high volume waste management.

They are the ideal solution for health care, school cafeterias, housekeeping areas, quick serve and casual dining restaurants, hotels, education food service, housing complexes, hospitality firms, theme parks, military bases. Compare these features of the Inside Power Packers with the competition:

  • Save 40%-70% on your waste handling bills
  • No need for a special dumpster
  • Better security for your business and employees
  • Fewer trips to your outside dumpster
  • Your waste is compacted up to 1/25th of the original volume
  • Power Packer keeps your place of business much neater and cleaner
  • Eliminates problems associated with uncovered waste
  • Upgrades the appearance of your property by eliminating unsightly piles of waste behind your building
  • Lessens fire hazards and complies with health standards
  • Up to 25 bags or piles of waste now become one neatly wrapped cube
  • Three available models

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