Pepsi Co- Hayward

Pepsi Co- Hayward

Bay Area Trash Compactor just installed five of our high density Bramidan balers at the Pepsi Bottling Plant in Hayward. Pepsi staff will be baling plastics with the new low-profile X6030 baler which puts out an amazing 88,200 lbs of force producing plastic bales up to 1,300 lbs!

With a decibel level of less than 60db, these systems are so quiet that they could be used almost anywhere. Of course, the proven B6030 baler will be used for baling cardboard into a tight bale weighing up to 1,200 lbs.

Critically, our Bramidans are ergonomically superior. Wire is pre-fed into the baler while it’s empty, eliminating the need to wrestle with feeding wire when the bale is full, or reaching inside the baler when tying bales. As you can see from the images, you can install these balers right up against a wall – saving space and labor.

Pepsi, Pepsi Co- Hayward

Our Bramidan systems put Pepsi’s staff in control. With built-in monitoring and free cell connection, these balers:

  • Text staff when they are full – eliminating the pile up of materials in front of the baler
  • Automatically texts the recycler that bales are ready for pick-up – seamless and simple
  • Allows management to see how many bales have been made of a period of time – supporting sustainability tracking
  • Allows for Bay Area Trash Compactor service team to remotely troubleshoot or make adjustments to the balers before ever sending a tech in the field – saving baler user time and money

Proven, reliable, quiet, cost-effective and efficient – our Bramidan Balers are next generation balers.

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