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Water Generator

Drink a Sustainable Glass of Air – Skywell

Skywell Water Generator

The revolutionary Skywell water generator will change the way you deal with dispensed water forever.  The system truly takes the humidity in the air to make 5 gallons of water per day – fresh, contaminate-free, earth-friendly water.  And, the Skywell has a unique user interface to engage your employees, guests, and clients.  The interface not only features individual water consumption and water bottle savings numbers, but your marketing messaging and logos can be featured at one unit, or across a network of Skywells. 

Why Skywell is Better?

Skywell vs. bottled water company 

• Earth Friendly – No delivery truck spewing pollutants & burning fossil fuels
• More Convenient – No large heavy bottles to lift or store, no deliveries to manage
• Higher Quality – No pesticides, pharmaceuticals or other chemicals in the water

Skywell vs. individual water bottles
• Earth Friendly – Eliminates environmental cost of producing & disposing of billions of plastic bottles
• Saves you Money – Lower cost per serving
• Higher Quality – Air water doesn’t contain chemicals used to treat water that has been bottled

Skywell vs. tap water filtration systems
• Earth Friendly – Skywell eliminates the common water waste associated with many filtration systems
• More Convenient – No water line required enabling you to place Skywell where you want
• Higher Quality – Air water contains none of the groundwater contaminates that can pass through these systems to your glass

Interested? You may be eligible for a free trial. 

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