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Vertical Balers

Vertical Baling System for Recycling Ten Sixty -- The System Ten Sixty is a fully automatic versatile machine that produces big results. It features a 10 inch bore hydraulic cylinder with twin torque tubes. Extra heavy duty construction extends to every aspect of the machine including the dual hydraulic ejectors which smoothly eject bales weighing over 2,000 pounds. The hydraulically operated variable speed conveyor is controlled by the baler and is designed to maximize productivity. REALLY BIG PERFORMANCE.

Bramidan B series Vertical balers for cardboard and plastic waste -- Compact your cardboard waste and plastic waste with vertical balers from our B-series. These balers are inexpensive and used for basic waste handling. 

Bramidan X series Vertical balers in the X-series have numerable waste types, an extreme low noise level and a compact design with strong cross cylinders.