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Customer Testimonials

“Your expertise in dealing with our different waste streams and haulers while providing the right equipment for our operation has helped us accomplish our goals. Your small B-5 Cardboard Baler saves us mountains of time and space dealing with cardboard. Your P-4 compactor is easy to use and packs an amazing amount of waste into a small footprint. The compactor eliminates the overflowing trash issue and what was an unsightly view for our guests and a pain for staff. Thank you for your time and patience in putting this project together for us. Thanks again, Mike.”
Claremont Club & Spa
"The trash compactor is the best piece of equipment we could have purchased for our trash needs.  It works great and holds a weeks’ worth trash, no problem.  Thank you for your persistence in getting us to purchase these pieces of equipment."
"Not only has the compactor that you recommended cleaned up our trash area, the system has reduce our pickups, improved our diversion rate and provided over $5K in monthly savings...exactly as your analysis showed when we first met."                                         Palace Hotel
"The portable M42 cardboard baler that you provided us is perfect for our small basement and works great side-by-side to the compactor that you supplied us so many years ago!"

"The Power Packer has really helped us to clean up and secure our trash area."
Corinthian Yacht Club

You are in good company! Here are a few folks using our equipment and solutions to reduce costs, improve operations and maximize recycling: