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McDonald's Slash Waste Costs Over 50%
June 2017, Minden, NV - McDonald’s operators love our compactors! In Minden, NV we installed another of our Stainless Steel indoor 700ss compactors. The 700 packs 25-30 bags of trash into a small cube saving space, labor and improving backdoor security. Yes, the operator has slashed waste costs over 50%...In Monterey we just installed a new SV2 compactor in the corral. Again this system packs 3 4 yard bins worth of trash into a tidy 2 yard bin for pick-up…Bay Area Trash Compactor is your resource for streamlined waste/recycling and compost solutions.

Marriott Saves Over $8K Annually on Trash Costs
May 2017, Fairfield, CA - The Courtyard by Marriott in Fairfield, CA, an Interstate Property, has installed our SV2 Compactor to eliminate unsightly/overflowing trash bins and eliminate garbage truck noise to their guests. Not only were we able to accomplish their initial goals, but the system is saving over $8,000 annually on trash costs!

Earthday Implements Zero Waste Program
April 2017, Davis, CA – Earthday - UC Davis is implementing their Zero Waste program and asked Bay Area Trash Compactor to provide our unique eCube Cleancube SOLAR Compactors to compact Compostables for their huge “Picnic Day” event. Picnic Day is UC Davis’ open house and attracts 10,000’s of students, alums, and community members. We placed one Cleancube at the Memorial Student Union and another at the Silo food courts. With real-time monitoring staff was able to track when the unit is full and needs to be emptied. The Cleancubes are up and running and we will be installing our Clean Cap monitoring pucks on various waste cans around the campus – again to allow staff to monitor and plan pick-up routes...saving labor, fuel and time!

Draeger's Slashes Waste Costs While Improving Operation

March 2017, San Francisco, CA - Draeger’s Markets choose Bay Area Trash Compactor’s SV2 Compactors to manage trash and compost at both their Production Kitchen in South San Francisco and their beautiful downtown San Mateo store. BATC was recommended by the local hauler to help solve Draeger’s waste challenges. Our SV2 compactor was chosen because of its high compaction ratio, small footprint, and flexibility. At the busy Production Kitchen staff swaps bins packing landfill waste in one 2 yard bin, then swaps it with a compost bin – slashing waste costs while improving the operation.

No More Trash in Hardie Ally!
February 2017, San Francisco, CA - Homage Restaurant, CSV Hospitality, and Futurebar’s Rickhouse all share a single trash room. Trash/Recycling/Compost cans were overflowing into Hardie Ally in downtown San Francisco, and the challenge of keeping the area presentable was impossible…Until they installed our new S-V95 Toter can compactor. They chose the system because of its ability to compact right into their existing Toter cans for Recology to pick up. The flexible 3 bay system allows the customer to roll various toter cans into the frame. Slide the rolling compaction head over a can and push the start button and the V95 packs three or four cans of waste into just one!!  Yes, now the trash stays in the trash room and garbage costs are about ½ of their original costs.

Meritage Resort Improves Waste Diversion While Saving Space and Labor
September 2016, Napa, CA - The Meritage Resort in Napa has installed our portable M42BC cardboard baler to slash labor costs and save space at their commissary. Now, shipments arrive, product is shelved and boxes are simply placed into the baler and crushed…Our M42 crushes 100+ boxes into an easy to handle 185-200lb bale for recycling. The system improves waste diversion while actually saving space and labor!

Monterey Tides Hotel Installs High Quality Compactor
November 2016, Monterey, CA - The Monterey Tides Hotel, a Joie de Vivre property, brought in Bay Area Trash Compactor to replace their old, leaking compactor. Because The Tides is literally on the Pacific Ocean we installed our hearty Nedland NSC200-20 compactor with special marine paint to resist corrosion and an enclosed doghouse with automated start to limit pests. We have many Nedland’s operating daily that we installed back in the 1980’s and 1990’s. For The Tides, the choice was simple – Bay Area Trash Compactor and our high-quality workhorse Nedland compactor.

Community Hospital Stops Overflowing Trash and High Trash Expenses
November 2016, Monterey, CA - Community Hospital of Monterey Bay had overflowing trash and high expenses at their Medical Office Building in Ryan Ranch. The solution…Bay Area Trash Compactor’s SOLAR powered P-4 Compactor. Our SOLAR P-4 packs 16 yards of waste into the 4 yard container…all off the Grid!!!

June 2016 - Solar Power Packers by Bay Area Trash Compactor is a 2016 Money-Saving Product winner! 2016 Money-Saving Products - Janitorial Solutions

Hassett Ace Hardware Installs Cardboard Baler in Reduce Clutter

March 2016, Half Moon Bay, CA - Hassett Ace Hardware in Half Moon Bay had boxes overtaking their receiving area. The solution? Hassett installed our small B5 Cardboard Baler. The B5 crushes 125-150 boxes into an easy-to-handle 200 lb bale for recycling. No more tripping over boxes in the back of the store and the managers love how simple the baler is to use! 

Ventana Inn and Spa Eliminates Trash and Recycling Dumpsters by Installing an Indoor Trash Compactor

March 2016, Big Sur, CA - Bay Area Trash Compactor installed a small indoor compactors in Housekeeping at the extraordinary Ventana Inn and Spa back in 1989! Still using the little compactor the Joie de Vivre property called on us to help better manage the space behind the new kitchen and come up with a way to eliminate trash and recycling dumpsters to set up for a new breathtaking dining area overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the Big Sur coastline. Our indoor 450ss compactor packs 1.5 yards of waste into a 2 square foot trash-cube for easy transportation to the new trash area at the edge of the property. Similarly, our portable M42BC cardboard baler crushes 125-150 boxes into an easy-to-handle 185lb bale for simple recycling. Ventana is simply eye opening.

Rare Parts Cleans Up Shipping Area by Installing a Cardboard Baler

February 2016, Stockton, CA - Rare Parts is an extraordinary auto-parts supplier in Stockton, CA. Boxes and shrink-wrap were a real pain inside their shipping area. Solution? Tuck our little B-5 Baler underneath some storage racking and snap, no more tripping over boxes…Priced right to solve problems. That’s our Bramidan B-5 Baler. 

Crossroads Shopping Center Reduces Trash Pickups by 50% and Overflowing Dumpsters by Installing Three Solar Compactors

February 2016, Pleasant Hill, CA - Crossroads Shopping Center had overflowing dumpsters, dirty trash corrals, and daily pick-ups which cost a small fortune. Because the trash corrals were away from the buildings and grid power difficult to access, the owner, ICI Development, chose our SOLAR powered low-profile SV2S compactors. Simply mount the panels of the trash corral roof, place the compactor in the corral and Crossroads has slashed pick-ups by 50% saving $1,000’s per month and providing tidy trash corrals for their tenants. Bay Area Trash Compactor SOLAR compactors are WIN-WIN-WIN!! 

Mission Ranch Inn and Restaurant Goes Green, Reduces Cost and Noise

January 2016, Carmel, CA - Clint Eastwood’s iconic Mission Ranch Inn and Restaurant on the Carmel coast joined the SOLAR revolution installing our P-4 compactor and small M42 cardboard baler to clean up the trash corral, eliminate garbage truck noise to guests, streamline recycling, and slash garbage costs by over $14,000 per year! Our SOLAR Compactors/Balers are the green minded hotelier’s solution of the year!

Village Market Grocery Store is Taking the Lead in Sustainability

January 2016, Oakland, CA - Village Market Solar P-200 With a mind on locally sourced groceries, the freshest produce and premier customer service the perennial Village Market in the Oakland Hills took the natural step installing our P-200 SOLAR compactor to reduce the volume of both their compost and their landfill waste. Reducing pick-ups by 75%, Village Market will have an ROI in less than 24 months. Important to the owner, Keith Trimble, his Village Market is taking the lead in sustainability, a natural position for Village.

Kaiser Permanente Streamlines Recycling with a Real Earth Day Solution

October 2015, Roseville, CA - Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Roseville needed a streamline recycling solution for cardboard and plastics (Blue-wrap) from the surgery center. Bay Area Trash Compactor answered the call, providing a small footprint Summit F66-PS Horizontal Baler with a custom designed cart tipper and automated baling to handle cardboard. Side-by-side we installed our Harmony M60STD vertical baler with a 15HP motor to generate dense plastic bales with terrific recycle value. A real Earth Day solution. 

Pizza-My-Heart Reduces Trash Bill after Installing a Trash Compactor 

September 2015, Capitola, CA - Bay Area Trash Compactor installs a 2 yard SV2 trash compactor at Pizza-My-Heart in Capitola – If you are from Northern California, you know Pizza-My-Heart. The beachside slices and iconic T-Shirts are unforgettable. Their super-busy Capitola store on 41st Ave had overflowing bins and a sky-high trash bill. The answer was our side-unloading 2 yard SV2 compactor that packs 12 yards of waste into one 2 yard bin. Pizza-My-Heart saves over $12,000 annually on their trash bill while improving the appearance of the restaurant for guests and employees. I love Pizza-My-Heart.

LEED Platinum Certified Hotel Installs Breakthrough SOLAR Powered Trash Compactor and Solar Cardboard Baler to Slash Trash Bill and Streamline Recycling – Off The Grid

June 1, 2015, Walnut Creek, CA.  Bay Area Trash Compactor announced today the installation of the first-of-its-kind combination solar powered trash compactor and portable cardboard baler at the LEED Platinum Certified Bardessono Hotel and Spa in the Napa Valley. Completely off the grid, the solar powered compactor packs 16 yards of loose trash into just 4 yards reducing waste pick-up at the busy property to just once per week, thus slashing hauling costs by 50%, reducing CO2 emissions by over 14 tons annually, and importantly limiting garbage truck noise to guests and neighboring residents. The solar cardboard baler fits into a small space, yet crushes 150-200 boxes into an easy-to-handle 200lb bale making recycling simple and efficient.

“This unique solar waste management approach is another example of how we, at Bardessono, continue to act on our environmental values to enhance our guest experience,” says Paul Gracheff, Director of Facilities. “The compactor and baler have both cleaned up the back of the house, and made terrific financial and environmental sense. The fact that Bay Area Trash Compactor and their partners at Harmony Enterprises have developed these systems to operate off the grid simply take us to the next level in sustainability.”

“We are proud to be able to provide this innovative solar waste and recycling solution to our client, Bardessono,” says Mike Welden, President of Bay Area Trash Compactor. “Our passion for delivering the right waste and recycling system for each client shines through again. As one of only three LEED Platinum Certified hotels in the US, our new solar combination is a perfect fit as the Bardessono continually seeks sustainable solutions to improve the guest experience and reduce operating expenses.”

BATC Installs P-4 Compactor at the Rutherford Grill

April 22, 2015, Rutherford, CA.  The Rutherford Grill is savvy.  They joined the county’s new food waste composting program and recently installed our P-4 Compactor to clean up the back of the house and slash their trash bill over $25,000 per year!  Yep, instead of the garbage company coming to pick up trash six days per week, the hauler now comes just twice per week slashing an additional 14 tons of C02 emissions by eliminating over 2,500 miles of garbage truck travel to the dump annually.