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 Saving Build-Tek Time, Space and Thought

November, 2017, Martinez, CA - Build-Tek provides building materials to the Bay Area’s finest builders. Swimming in cardboard in the warehouse and wasting hours flattening boxes, we steered Build-Tek to the Bramidan B-5 to solve their cardboard nightmare. The warehouse manager was smiling ear-to-ear after making the first bale, and they haven’t looked back since.

 It Pays to Bale Your Cardboard: Chicken Ranch Casino’s Solution

September, 2017, Sonora, CA - We installed our Nedland Self Contained Compactor with our unique new cellular monitoring system at the venerable Chicken Ranch Casino to eliminate pests and odors from the back of their building. The compactor packs 80 yards of waste into the compactor and the monitoring system notifies management and the hauler when the unit is ready for pick-up. Being three hours from our shop is no problem, as we can troubleshoot and make adjustments to the compactor from our office computer!

Additionally, the Ranch installed our Harmony M60 STD cardboard baler to eliminate the overflow of cardboard bins and the tedious need for staff to flatten boxes. Now, staff simply open the door, drop a cardboard box in, and walk away. The baler delivers 1,000 lb. bales, which are then picked up by a local recycler who then pays the Chicken Ranch $60-$100/ton for their waste!

 BATC Speaks to University Students on Zero Waste at CHESC

June, 2017, Santa Barbara, CA - BATC’s Mike Welden was asked to speak to the Zero Waste break-out session at the California Higher Education Sustainability Conference (CHESC) at UC Santa Barbara. The Zero Waste leaders loved learning about the breadth of material handling solutions actually available and affordable to their Universities. BATC has partnered with UC Berkeley, UC Merced, and UC Davis to help streamline their sustainability challenges.

 Farmstead On Road to Sustainability by Compacting Waste

April, 2017, St. Helena, CA - When Stephen Barber, the Executive Chef and Director of Culinary Operations at Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch in St. Helena, called seeking our expertise, we were honored. Napa Valley’s leader in sustainable farm-to-table cuisine sought to reduce the number of trips the garbage company made to the restaurant to decrease CO2 emissions from the garbage truck, clean up the trash/recycling area, and also slash their trash costs.

BATC installed our low-profile S-V2 compactor and tucked it into the small trash area. Now, with our compactor, the garbage company only shows up once a week! Another successful installation with a sustainability-minded customer: that’s why we are in business.

 Twenty Years Later and Still a Customer

April, 2017, San Jose, CA - When it came time to replace the compactor we had installed back in the 1980s, the owner of the original Chuck E Cheese’s restaurant on Tully Rd in San Jose called us. After years of use and our solid maintenance support, it was time for an upgrade. We installed a shiny new indoor 700ss compactor, which compacts 25+ bags of trash into an easy-to-handle cube sealed in plastic – saving labor, improving backdoor security, reducing hauling costs, and cleaning up the trash corral. Tom Rose, it is great to work with you again!

 Money for Students, Not Trash: Bishop O’Dowd High School Saves $32K

April, 2017, Oakland, CA - Problem: Bishop O’Dowd High School in Oakland had a tight loading dock with overflowing cardboard boxes, landfill waste, and recycle bins. Plus, they were paying over $4,600/month for trash and recycling.

Solution: We installed our Bramidan B-5 Baler and Summit S-V2 Compactor. The baler crushes 1,050 boxes into an easy-to-handle bale for recycling, thus eliminating a huge 7 yard recycle bin. The S-V2 allows B.O.D. to compact 12 yards of trash into a 2 yard bin. The system also allows the school to swap bins, compacting compost, yard trimmings, and recycling into different 2 yard bins.

Result: B.O.D. saves over $32,000 annually on waste and recycling while opening up their loading dock and cleaning up the appearance of the school.

 Claremont Club & Spa, A Fairmont Hotel Saves Over $26,000 Per Year

June 2017, Oakland, CA - Claremont Club & Spa, A Fairmont Hotel is a California landmark and one of America’s iconic luxury hotels. With our sustainability and equipment expertise, we saved them over $26,000 per year. The Claremont initially came to us with a back-of-house noise issue with garbage trucks creating loud disturbances to guests early in the mornings. To solve this issue and enhance their guests’ experiences, we conducted a sustainability review and provided them with the right equipment to meet their operation goals.  With one of our Bramidan next generation B-5 cardboard balers, we streamlined their recycling process. Additionally, we coordinated with a local recycler to better manage their recycling than the original hauler could. With one of our P-4 compactors, we eliminated their overflowing, unsightly waste, further raising their guests’ experiences with the hotel environment.