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Indoor Compactors

Compacting your trash close to where the trash is generated can be ideal.  We have many indoor compactors to choose from which deliver positive cash flow, yet ultimately all the systems will:
  • Save labor
  • Improve sanitation
  • Reduce trash hauling costs
  • Eliminate pilferage
  • Improve backdoor security
  • Simplify recycling
  • Eliminate unsightly/odor bearing refuse

S-V95 Multi-Station Roller-Cart Compactor

This extraordinary solution allows you to compact directly into your existing rolling carts. Simply stage your carts in the frame, drop material into roller cart, slide compactor head over the cart, push the button and walk away. Eliminate unnecessary extra cans and extra pick-up days. 

You can organize a complete miniature trash/recycling/organics station in a small footprint. Waste can be processed and conveniently sorted for immediate recycling, composting or disposal. Flexible design allows capacity to be tailored to requirements, but does not overload the carts.

  • Slash Waste Costs 35-75%
  • Save Space
  • Simplify waste/recycle/compost handling
  • Improve workplace environment
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Power Packer 300 / 450 / 700 ss

The Stainless Steel indoor Power Packer has a small footprint, but at 20:1 compaction smashes a mountain of trash - 20 to 35 standard trash bags get packed into one sealed cube!   Simple to load, unload and clean, this compactor is the system of choice for many of the best Restaurant (both full service and quick serve) Operators, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, and Institutional Kitchens.  Built to last, we have many systems which have been operating over 20 years! 

Ideal Solution for: Restaurants - Hotels - Hospitals - Institutional Kitchens - Convalescent Homes - Churches - Small Manufacturers - Airports - Universities - Medical Office Buildings

Download PDF spec sheet

SmartPack SP20

With the Smart Pack automatic compacting receptacle your guests do the work!  Similar in size and appearance to traditional waste bins, the Smart Pack automatically compacts at 10:1 so you can save time, labor, and eliminate the hassle of constantly emptying the trash.   

Ideal Solution for: 
Hospitals - Shopping Malls/Food Courts - Fast Food Restaurants - Airports - Theme Parks - Employee Cafeterias - Colleges

Used at the Smithsonian and other large venues the system has a programmable compaction cycle and can even broadcast a prerecorded message to your guests!

Download PDF spec sheet