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Cardboard (OCC), shrink wrap, aluminum cans, plastic bottles and more can be easily baled with Bay Area Trash Compactor balers.  We have small 30 inch bottle balers, portable 42 and 60 inch balers, or even conveyor belt fed, automatic recycle balers.  New balers or used balers.  Bay Area Trash Compactor is your baling equipment source.

Bramidan Balers

Bay Area Trash Compactor was chosen as Bramidan's partner for distribution of their baler solutions in United States of America.  Please feel free to browse through our online catalog.


  • Each equipped with a SIM card so machine will notify when a bale is ready, as well as track how many bales are made
  • Lead time is only 1 week
  • Leading manufacturer in Europe and we are bringing the heavy duty technology here to US
Our most popular balers include:

Vertical Stockroom Baler - M42BC

The M42BC Vertical Stockroom Baler is ideal when you need a common sense answer to your daily cardboard waste problem.  This portable baler takes very little space and can roll into place for simple installation.  110/220 volt power further simplify where you can use this little machine.  No need to break down boxes, the M42 baler will crush your boxes into a neat 150-175 lb. bale that you simply tie with the pre-threaded baling twine.  Simple and reliable.  We have many systems that have been operating for over 20 years!

Ideal Solution for:
Convenience Stores - Drug Stores - Office buildings - Hotels - Restaurants - Department Stores - Hospitals - Wineries

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Low Profile Vertical Baler - M60MD

The M60MD Low Profile Baler is a space saving workhorse which can operate under a standard 8 foot ceiling.   The M60MD comes standard with a folding 2 piece door to save space and is on wheels for simple installation.  Once positioned simply raise the corner jack bolts and you are ready for baling.  Fast cycle time and an automatic opening gate saves labor while producing a 700-900 bale of corrugated boxes.  Tie either with twine or baling wire.  Like all our other Harmony systems we have many which have been operating in excess of 20 years!

Ideal Solution for:
Shopping Centers - Supermarkets - Hospitals - Drug Stores - Office buildings - Hotels - Wineries– Department Stores - Manufacturing Facilities

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Standard Vertical Baler - M60STD

The M60STD Vertical Baler is the top-of-the-line standard baler used by Safeway and so many others.  Built to last this baler comes with a 6 inch cylinder with 4 inch rod which generates over 56,500 lbs of baling force.  Quick cycle time and automatic door save labor, while retractable bale dogs maximize material containment for a tight heavy bale.

Ideal Solution for:

Shopping Centers - Supermarkets - Hospitals - Drug Stores - Office buildings - Hotels - Wineries– Department Stores - Manufacturing Facilities - Recycling Centers

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Vertical Beverage Can Baler - BCB2003

The BCB2003 Vertical Beverage Can Baler is the first baler of its kind to combine baling and draining both aluminum and plastic containers in one step.  No preconditioning of materials - simply drop them in and bale them up!

Ideal Solution for:
Bottlers - Redemption Centers - Dairies - Municipal Recycle Facilities - Cafeterias - Amusement Parks

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System Ten-Sixty Automatic Baling System - T60XDRC

The T60XDRC Automatic Vertical Baling System is a high density ultra deep penetration ram baling wizard.  With a 10” cylinder and 30 second cycle time, this baler is a high profit solid waste recycling machine!

Ideal Solution for:
Bottlers - Commercial Recycling Centers - Large Institutional Applications - Redemption Centers - Plastic Recycling

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